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License: GPL v3 Travis CI Version

V-Sim is a simple assembler and runtime simulator inspired by SPIM for programming in RISC-V assembly language and intended for educational purposes. One of the main goals was to make it functional and easy to use. Almost all the 32-bit base integer instruction set (RV32I) can be simulated, as well as the M and F extensions plus all the their respective pseudo-instructions.


V-Sim requires Java 8 SE (or later) SDK installed on your computer.

Download Java

Unix Installation

To install or update V-Sim on a Unix system, you can use the (fancy) installation script.

with cURL:

$ curl -L -o vsim && chmod +x vsim && . ./vsim && rm vsim

or Wget:

$ wget -O vsim && chmod +x vsim && . ./vsim && rm vsim

Windows Installation

To install or update V-Sim on a Windows PC, you need to follow the steps below.

1. Download the lastest stable release from here.

2. Unzip and move all the files to your preferred directory, say C:\vsim.

3. Add VSim.jar to CLASSPATH, using System Properties dialog

System Properties > Environment variables > Create or append to CLASSPATH variable

4. Create a short convenient command for the simulator, using a batch file called vsim.bat (save this file in a directory in system PATH, e.g system32):

@echo off
java vsim.VSim %*

Testing Installation

To verify that V-Sim has been installed, open a terminal/command line and enter this:

$ vsim -version

which should output v1.0.3 if the installation was successful. Then you can follow the usage guide.